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Create Value for cusomters is our mission since we always uphold win-win cooperation.

As the professional manufacturer & exporter, betfair betting tips cricket provide you fully support

and perfect service.

betfair betting tips cricket is a manufacturer or trading company?,tennis usa now

betfair betting tips cricket is a machinery manufacturer since 1997. As a group company, we own 6 branch factories and produce more than 800 different types products, including metal working machines and wood working machines.

football,What's the production lead time?

Our production lead time is normally at 40-50days. We do not stock machines, but we have enough stock for main parts. We have very strong production capacity, including our own foundry factory, the machinery processing center, the painting line and assembling line.

What is the warranty policy?,gateway soccer

All of our machines come with a one-year warranty that covers replacement parts. In addition, you’re entitled to lifetime technical support and advice from our team of technical specialists.

Is OEM acceptable to your factory?,free download 918kiss for iphone

Yes, OEM production is one of our advantages.
betfair betting tips cricket R&D team could give you professional and timely technical support and service.Tthey have designed many of most innovative, strong, and precise machines on the market. At least 20 new items are designed and developed to meet our customers requirements every year.

How to get to your company?,free slots no down

It’s very convenient to visit us, the nearest high speed train station (Tengzhou East station) to our company is only 20minutes by car. Tengzhou city is in the middle between Beijing and Shanghai, just around 3 hours by high speed way.

What’s the difference between pipe and tube? ,tennis usa now

Although pipes and tubes may look similar, they are in fact quite different in nomenclature and sizing. Remember that pipes and tubes are rarely interchangeable. Here are some of the main differences between the two products:
▶Shape:Pipes are always round in shape. Tubes can be square,rectangular or round, as shown in the image to the right.
▶Strength:Tube is stronger than pipe.
▶Metal Types:Tube is available in hot rolled steel and cold rolled steel. Pipe is typically black steel (hot rolled). Both items can be galvanized.
▶Rigidity:Although copper and brass tubes can be shaped relatively easily, tubes are typically rigid. Pipes, on the other hand, are invariably rigid and cannot be shaped without special equipment.
▶Size:Pipe is typically available in larger sizes than tube.